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Marketing has its many aspects. It can be in the form of a catchy jingle or an iconic logo, but the most impactful marketing takes  people on a journey, transporting them into a story that strikes an emotional response, at a core feeling.

I have seen many ads as we all have in my life. One that stands out. I felt something every time I saw it. It is still vivid in my mind today. It was a commercial of a family on a farm. A mother is in the kitchen making breakfast with her children. They are all looking at each other with anxiousness and anticipation. Any minute the dad is going to walk down the stairs to join them. When he does, they all gather at the table. Beaming with smiles, the youngest one hands the dad a present. He opens it to find a John Deere hat, smiling back, he thanks them as he proudly picks up the new hat to put on his head, only to see under it, a set of keys in the box.

Feelings are the reason people become inspired to take action or cause them develop a long lasting memory. They my not remember exactly what the message was, but they will remember how it made them feel.

The feeling of a father giving away his daughter at her wedding. The boy that strikes out all season then hits the winning home run in the last game of the play offs. Or the unexpected moment that causes you to laugh hysterically. Whatever causes you to really feel something bypasses the mind.

Marketing is my passion, its in my blood. My Grandfather started his marketing company in 1934. Through the many years, I spent by his side the lessons I learned were invaluable. He taught me marketing was not about flash, it was about people. 

Over the years I have marketed everything from plastic keychains to bionic legs and there is one thing I know for sure, that is marketing is a whole lot easier when it strikes a cord with people’s emotions.

Nike’s “Just do it” campaign advertised more than just a “shoe” it promoted a way of being.

The latest techniques mean nothing if a connection to the audience is not made.

The reality is marketing can make or break a business, but all to often marketing does not equate to the money in the bank that it should. I always ask these four questions.

1.) Who is your target customer?

2.)What is the long term value of that customer?

3.) Will this customer be inspired to refer others.?

4.) What is the feelings your prospect needs to feel about you, your product or your business?

The key is to, turn interest in to orders, increase brand recognition and develop customer loyalty.  There is no clear cut answers but by causing people to feel an emotional tie to your company gives you a huge advantage. 

Gaining this advantage along with a creative mind, is what I contribute to my success in marketing.